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Weird Things Couples Flight About

So often newly married couples don’t understand why relationships change over time.  They can argue over small inconsequential things.  Check out this video of “Weird Things Couples Fight About.” If you  argue like this, consider attending  to our  Start Right, Stay Connected seminar.  You will understand how normal these type of arguments can be and view […]

The Season of Light

We are approaching the celebration of Chanukah, known as “The Festival of Lights”. Every night for eight days, we light another candle until on the eight night, we are lighting eight candles. In every temple/synagogue, there was and is a light which is always lit, the Eternal Light, signifying G-d’s presence. At the time of […]

The Effect of the Election on Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse

We received this article today (December 11. 2016) though social media and wanted to share with you. The article is not meant as a political statement. We know  many people are fearful about the new President.  However, this article highlights a different fear, experienced by the survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse.  These survivors often […]

Busting Relationship Myths

Esther Perel wrote a great article, 7 Relationship Myths to Stop Believing. Myth #1: People in a relationship don’t flirt. If they do, it means they are unhappy and looking for something else. Myth #2: Honesty is the best policy. Myth #3: Bad sex should always be a relationship deal breaker. It means you aren’t […]