Do you feel alone and discouraged about your sexual relationships?  Have you lost your desire for sex?  Are you frustrated because your body is not cooperating with your sexual desire or because you experience lack of orgasm, erection or arousal?  Have you lost the sense of sexual pleasure?

More than 70% of all people and couples experience some sexual difficulty in their lives.  Many people suffer from shame and embarrassment when thinking about getting help for their sexual problems.  At Guttman & Pearl Associates, we strive to make sex therapy safe and non-judgmental for you to discuss your most difficult sexual problems and secrets.  We can help you with lack of desire, erection or lubrication difficulties, lack of orgasm or orgasm too quickly, vaginal pain or general sexual dissatisfaction. We work with you as an individual and a couple. Your partner’s participation in sex therapy is a vital ingredient in creating the sexual relationship you desire.

At Guttman & Pearl Associates there is no direct sexual activity in our office. We look at sexual difficulties from a variety of perspectives: your family history related to sexuality; the culture in which you grew up; possible medical issues; and your current relationship.  We also know that fears of performance, the need to please our partner or disappointing our partners, create anxiety, resulting in sexual problems.

Our approach to sex therapy helps you to go beyond your past to feel positive about your sexual self.  We help you change your thoughts and behaviors in order for sex to feel fulfilling and fun.  We teach you to welcome different options in your sexual relationship, which will enhance closeness and sexual pleasure.  Most importantly, as seasoned couples and sex therapists, we help you to co-create a new playful, sexual relationship together.

We offer ten-session sex therapy groups for women who want to explore their inhibitions to sexual pleasure. Women of all ages, from 21 to 70 years old, attend these groups.  Through the confidential group experience, you will be encouraged to make changes in your sexual life. While participating in the group and discussing your sexual concerns, you’ll feel less alone and be supported by other participants.  You will learn about your own body, dispel myths about female sexuality and stereotypes, identify your own sexual needs and discover practical and positive ways to increase your sexual enjoyment. During the group, you will also learn ways to communicate with a partner in a safe and encouraging manner.


“Like peeling off onion skin, Gail and Lisa expertly lead us through each session helping each one of us to overcome our subconscious fears, and mental blocks.  Gail and Lisa helped me to develop tools to step back, take objective positive measures and move ahead.  After just a few sessions, I was having a sexual awakening. It liberated me and I am never going back to my old miserable self.  I would highly recommend this group therapy to any woman struggling with any aspect of her sexuality.” KA

“The women’s group really helped me mellow out about my (body) insecurities, something that I’m especially grateful for, given that I am pregnant and it looks like I swallowed a watermelon :)”  CV

The group meets twice a week for 5 weeks on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM and Saturday 9 to 11 AM. in our Rockville office.  The group is co-led by Leila Jarrahi, PhD and Lisa Topchik, LCSW.  The cost is $120 per session, totally $1200 for the entire session.  A deposit is $400 is required to guarantee a spot. It may be possible for participants to receive insurance reimbursement by submit their statements.  For more information, please contact Leila Jarrahi,, Lisa Topchik, or Gail Guttman,

Have you lost interest in sex? Is your sex drive and sexual desire decreasing? Do you dread when your partner wants to have sex? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, you’ll want to attend our Seminar for Women with Low Sexual Desire. This is a 4-hour seminar held in a confidential and emotionally safe setting.

During the seminar, you’ll:

  • Dispel myths about women’s sexuality
  • Discover what’s getting in the way of your interest in sex
  • Create a personalized Sexual Love Map
  • Learn three effective ways to enhance your sexual desire

This is an educational seminar, not therapy, conducted by Lisa Topchik, LCSW, an experienced sex and relationship therapist.