Do you feel distressed that things are not going well with and your partner?  Do you experience conflict or wonder why your best efforts at coping with daily stress negatively affect your relationships?  Are you discouraged and unsure of what can help your relationship? Do you wish your partner would change? Do you feel drained, hurt, scared or resentful about your relationship?

Couples therapy helps you restore the bond between you and your partner.

At Guttman and Pearl Associates, we know that couples want to be connected with each other.  We welcome heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples.

Couples therapy at GPA focuses on three areas: your present situation; past experiences; and the future.  For example, when our partners talk to us in the present, we are often too busy thinking of what we want to say or try to defend ourselves.  In our sessions, we teach you a communications tool, the Imago Dialogue. This will help you to be fully present, listen clearly listen, and understand and be empathic to each other.

We look at your past and discuss hurt from your relationships or family, because often the hurts in relationships trigger old memories which are even more painful. We help you heal and grow from these past hurts.

As far as the future is concerned, you are the only one who can change your relationship.  We help each of you do something different to restore closeness and create a warm, loving, fun connection.