Addressing Mismatched Libidos

A common issue that arises among couples is that of mismatched libidos. CNN’s Ian Kerner writes that the person with the higher sex drive can easily feel rejected and undesirable, while the person who has less interest in sex may feel anxious, pressured and guilty. According to the author, while research has shown physical and mental health contribute to libido, men and women have different motivations for avoiding sex. These include sexual dysfunction, getting in a rut with the sexual routine and the demands of parenting, among others.

In the article, sex therapists share various ways to address this problem of mismatched sex drives. These include, but are not limited to, approaching the topic in a nonjudgmental and critical way. Another approach is to schedule quality couple time a couple times a week. Additionally, engaging in “outercourse” is a highly desirable option for opening other paths to arousal. Finally, sex therapists encourage couples to consider scheduling a sex date once a week.

Guttman & Pearl will be offering a Women’s Sexuality Group late January 2018 to address sexual concerns and issues.

Steady Decline in Reported Sex in American Adults

In the last 25 years, there has been a steady decline in reported sex in American adults. Ironically, the group that used to reap the benefits of increased sex, married couples, has shown the sharpest decline in recent years. Tara Bahrampour of the Washington Post covered a study looking at American adults’ reduced number of sexual encounters. According to the study and the published paper in the Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, possible causal factors were listed including, ready access to entertainment and social media, a decline in reported happiness among people over 30, increased rates of depression, and use of antidepressants contributing to sexual dysfunction.

For individuals and couples who are facing challenges in their sexual lives, sex therapy can help. At Guttman & Pearl Associates Sex Therapy at Guttman and Pearl we strive to make sex therapy safe and non-judgmental for you to discuss your most difficult sexual problems and secrets. We also offer multiple groups for women, “Sex Therapy for Women” and a “Seminar for Women with Low Desire”.

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