Steady Decline in Reported Sex in American Adults

In the last 25 years, there has been a steady decline in reported sex in American adults. Ironically, the group that used to reap the benefits of increased sex, married couples, has shown the sharpest decline in recent years. Tara Bahrampour of the Washington Post covered a study looking at American adults’ reduced number of sexual encounters. According to the study and the published paper in the Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, possible causal factors were listed including, ready access to entertainment and social media, a decline in reported happiness among people over 30, increased rates of depression, and use of antidepressants contributing to sexual dysfunction.

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Washington Post article

The Importance of “Downtime” for Your Brain

Ferris Jabr, a contributing writer for Scientific American, highlights numerous studies examining the brain in a restful state. These studies have consistently concluded the value of taking mental breaks and how downtime for the brain actually enhances productivity, memory, alertness and creativity. In our opinion, these mental breaks will also help you improve your relationship and be more present to your partner.

Mental Downtime