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Opening Your World: Finding Common Ground Through Conversation

A Heineken ad demonstrates the power of communication that connects individuals with opposing political differences. The ad makes use of Gordon A. Allport’s Intergroup Contact Theory, positing that given the opportunity to openly communicate, people are equipped with an ability to understand and appreciate different points of views, ultimately reducing bias and prejudice. Generalizing this […]

Weird Things Couples Flight About

So often newly married couples don’t understand why relationships change over time.  They can argue over small inconsequential things.  Check out this video of “Weird Things Couples Fight About.” If you  argue like this, consider attending  to our  Start Right, Stay Connected seminar.  You will understand how normal these type of arguments can be and view […]

Addressing Performance Anxiety

Esther Perel discusses factors that can influence a man’s desire as well as vulnerabilities that men may face in their sexual relationship, which she calls “masculine doubts”. She stresses the importance of having open conversations with one’s partner. Additionally, she encourages men to check their mood, which may be influencing their arousal and sexual experience. […]