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Addressing Performance Anxiety

Esther Perel discusses factors that can influence a man’s desire as well as vulnerabilities that men may face in their sexual relationship, which she calls “masculine doubts”. She stresses the importance of having open conversations with one’s partner. Additionally, she encourages men to check their mood, which may be influencing their arousal and sexual experience. […]

Topics to Explore in Premarital Counseling

According to relationship experts, premarital counseling can significantly reduce the likelihood of divorce. As a result of unhealthy examples set by parents and other members of the family, as well as lack of relationship education and/or counseling, many couples do not have access to tools essential for a healthy relationship. Jenn Sinrich’s article in the […]

Healthy Habits of Couples Who Attend Therapy

Relationships editor, Brittany Wong, has compiled a list of healthy habits couples engage in as a result of attending therapy together. According to relationship therapists, going to therapy early in the relationship- and continuing to attend therapy- can facilitate a happier and more loving relationship. The habits described are those shared by individuals who have attended […]