The Effect of the Election on Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse

We received this article today (December 11. 2016) though social media and wanted to share with you. The article is not meant as a political statement.

We know  many people are fearful about the new President.  However, this article highlights a different fear, experienced by the survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse.  These survivors often had to keep their mouth shut for safety reasons for most of their lives. The lack of accountability by the new President for the alleged sexual violations towards women has created fear in survivors resulting in  need to keep their mouths shut again.  As they keep their months shut, their bodies shut down more and sexual responsivity and desire are effected.

If you are a survivor, be sure to continue to stand up and speak out about your experiences.  If you are a therapist/counselor or other health professional, be sure to help your clients/patients continue to speak out about the violations they have experienced.  Help them to address their concerns and re-find their self esteem and sexual connections.