“Relationship Space” and Thanksgiving. What do they have to do with each other?

It is very important for couples and families to learn about “the relationship space.” In your relationship, there are three entities: you, your partner & your relationship. We know about the “relationship space”, when we have conflict. At that time, we can feel the tension, the negative energy, from the basement to the second floor. We often don’t pay much attention to the “relationship space” when things are going well. It is important for us to learn how to take care and enhance of our relationship space in order to create a more loving connection between us.

At Thanksgiving, an easy way to create a more loving “relationship space” is to express your appreciations. Be sure to tell your partner something you appreciate about them and why this has meaning to you. Also, be sure to tell your children what you appreciate about them. In our family, we have said our appreciations of each other on our Friday night Sabbath dinner. When my son turned 17, he decided he no longer wanted to participate in our appreciations. We said that was fine, but we would tell him what we appreciated about him, without him having to reciprocate. By the end of our appreciations of everyone, my son was compelled to participate, because it is natural to want to be a part of loving energy.

Given the strife in our country at this time, we also need to take care of the “relationship space” in our communities, cities, states and entire country. Find ways to say nice things to strangers, such as thank you, your welcome or just give a smile. Every little gesture of kindness can help the larger communal space as well.

Take advantage of the opportunities to express your appreciations this holiday and every day!

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