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Increasing Women’s Desire

With the introduction of Addyi, the “female Viagara”, OBGYNs have found that there has not been interest among the vast majority of women who are seeking ways to increase sexual desire. When women have learned how they need to take it and what they have to give up, including alcohol (can cause fainting), they tend […]

Steps to Preparing for a Healthy and Lasting Marriage

The institution of marriage has been traditionally considered a long term commitment. Identifying and working through issues prior to marriage can be predictive of a healthier relationship in the future. Carolin Lehmann, editorial fellow for The Huffington Post, has generated a summary of marriage experts’ “to do list” for couples getting ready to embark on […]

Having an Emotionally Intelligent Husband is Predictive of a Happier Marriage

Dr. John Gottman conducted a long-term study of newlywed couples and determined that marriages are happier and less likely to end in divorce when an emotionally intelligent husband shares power and accepts his partner’s influence. The husband who lacks emotional intelligence rejects his wife’s influence because he fears a loss of power. And because he […]